RiSE issue 5

Upgraded clamp and installation option reduces costs and lead times

Subsea development continues at an ever-increasing rate, opening new markets and offering new design opportunities. As the use of flexible risers and umbilicals progresses into deeper waters the requirements of the clamping system used to maintain the buoyancy’s position along the line have become more challenging.

The range of variables encountered through the design life of the clamping system includes variation in flowline/umbilical diameter due to changes in internal pressure, flexing, temperature and tension fluctuation.

Balmoral continues to lead the industry in the specialised clamping market by offering innovative and reliable solutions that address extreme depth operations. We do this by utilising high quality clamps that have an uncompromised track record.

Complementing our patented integral and high performance clamp products we recently improved our three-piece design enhancing the industry-leading range of clamping solutions available from Balmoral.

The upgraded clamp comprises a unique, patent-protected, reinforced polymer layer that reacts across the opposing faces to provide increased stiffness and reduce the effect of system creep over the installation lifetime.

The configuration of the three-piece clamp allows for standardisation across a range of design criteria that assists with product selection, is cost-effective and minimises product installation time.

Complementing this low-cost product solution, the clamp can be supplied with a simple and effective installation tool that utilises Balmoral’s patented direct-loading clamping methodology.

In contrast with relying on displacement and controlling load application through gap monitoring between segments, Balmoral’s three-piece clamp installation tool applies the clamp load directly. This method is far more accurate regarding the final system load as it remains constant, regardless of pipeline tolerancing, expansion and contraction.


The unique creep resistant three-piece clamp solution, combined with the direct-loading installation tool, is ideally suited to short lead-time projects

Fraser Milne

Engineering and projects director, Fraser Milne, says: “Our unique creep resistant three-piece clamp solution, combined with the direct-loading installation tool, is ideally suited to short lead-time projects.

“Its highly competitive performance and availability will establish the three-piece clamp as a key option in Balmoral’s recognised clamping product range.”

Patented distributed buoyancy clamping options

Three-piece clamp benefits

  • Highly efficient low cost installation tooling allowing for significant offshore savings
  • Minimal system design required due to creep-resistant layers
  • Design standardisation for rapid turnaround on project lead-times
  • Materials and design methodology in accordance with API 17L 1 & 2
RiSE issue 5

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