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Daily presentations of new VIV suppression technology at OTC

Monday, 06 May 2019 12:01
Dr Aneel Gill will present a technical paper on the LDV system on Booth 1339-A daily during OTC Dr Aneel Gill will present a technical paper on the LDV system on Booth 1339-A daily during OTC

Aberdeen-based Balmoral Offshore Engineering has combined two established technologies to create a new hybrid buoyancy and VIV suppression product.

Designed for use on drill risers, flowlines, umbilicals and power cables, DuraFloat LDV (patent pending) is a result of the company’s drive to provide industry-leading technology and reduce offshore operational costs.

The technology integrates vortex induced vibration (VIV) suppression and drag reduction into buoyancy modules to increase efficiencies without compromising on safety or structural integrity.

The head of R&D at the company, Dr Aneel Gill, will be presenting papers on the technology twice daily on Booth 1339-A during OTC and said: “DuraFloat LDV is designed to provide optimum uplift values while offering up to 75% VIV suppression efficiencies which dramatically improve riser motion and drag in onerous subsea current environments compared to traditional buoyancy modules.

“The revolutionary hex design eliminates the need for ancillary suppression equipment and can reduce time-consuming activities when running and removing drill stacks, for example.

“It is also recognised that reduced riser motion due to VIV suppression dramatically improves the fatigue performance of subsea equipment resulting in further cost savings by extending the service life of wellhead and conductor/casing equipment.”

DuraFloat LDV’s revolutionary profile was inspired by the carapace pattern of a sea turtle, the shape of which has been sculpted over millennia to provide an extremely efficient, low drag hydrodynamic structure.

Balmoral industrialised this natural phenomenon by using biomimetic engineering resulting in a man-made structure capable of offering VIV suppression and low drag performance. Extensive CFD and fluent modelling of the design was carried out indicating up to 75% efficiency in VIV suppression and diminished drag by up to 33% while half scale tank testing was carried out at SINTEF Ocean that confirmed strong operating performance.

LDV to the power of three

Three distinct products are now available which utilise the LDV design, each tailored to provide maximum performance benefit.

DuraFloat LDV is a drilling riser buoyancy module that incorporates the unique hex design; DuraGuard LDV is a retrofit option allowing clients to re-use existing drill buoyancy modules while an integrally clamped buoyancy option can be used on flowlines, umbilicals, power cables, jumpers, etc.

Dr Gill concluded: “I am looking forward to presenting the LDV capabilities during OTC as the product has had a fantastic response from the industry so far.”

Balmoral low drag vibration suppression buoyancy

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