Drill riser buoyancy and associated products

Balmoral has worked hand in hand with the drilling industry since the 1980s. Providing associated products from drill riser buoyancy to annular pressure build-up mitigation systems the company’s products have been specified for operation in the harshest possible conditions worldwide.

Balmoral’s purpose-built facilities handle everything from mould making through manufacturing and testing allowing complete control of your project from start to finish.

I just wanted to thank you for your effort. I have much appreciated the quality of your work.

Client testimonial, Feb 2018

Drill riser buoyancy

High performance, ultra-safe drill riser buoyancy systems to depths of 15000ft.

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Low drag vibration (LDV) suppression

Balmoral DuraFloat LDV and Balmoral DuraGuard LDV, integrated and retrofit VIV suppression solutions.

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Riser protection products

A range of protection systems to minimise the chance of damage during storage, deployment and recovery.

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Riser clamps

Polymer riser clamps offer significant weight reduction in deepwater environments.

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Annular pressure build-up (APB) mitigation

Balmoral Casing Guard annular pressure build-up (APB) mitigation system.

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