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Providing a wide range of surface/subsurface products including one-piece, modular, ‘off-the-shelf’ and ROV/AUV buoyancy, with a wide variety of fittings and accessories, Balmoral is well equipped to assist with your next installation project – wherever that may be.

Overall a good quality product manufactured to a very high standard. Well done Balmoral.

Client testimonial, Nov 2017

Surface / subsurface buoyancy

Balmoral provides a range of surface/subsurface buoyancy products including anchor pendant buoys, one-piece buoys and 'off-the-shelf' umbilical and cable flotation.

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Modular subsurface buoyancy

Balmoral has developed its range of modular subsurface buoyancy products to include standardised “off-the-shelf” solutions.

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Buoyancy fittings

A wide range of steelwork is available to complement Balmoral Offshore Engineering’s surface and subsurface buoyancy products.

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Buoyancy repair

Balmoral benefits from many years’ design, manufacture and materials experience and has dedicated teams of repair personnel travelling the world on a regular basis.

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Ultra-low density syntactic foams

Ultra-low density, high performance syntactic foams for deep and ultra-deepwater applications

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ROV / AUV buoyancy

High performance composite buoyancy systems for remotely operated vehicles and autonomous underwater vehicles

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