Subsea umbilicals, risers and flowlines (SURF)

Innovation driving
SURF success

With close to 40 years’ experience in the oilfield Balmoral has developed materials and provided engineered SURF solutions to practically every deepwater project around the world.

Our technical, engineering, procurement and manufacturing teams are full of highly qualified personnel, all brimming with ideas. Supported by senior personnel with unrivalled experience we believe we provide an industry-leading service.

We were extremely happy with the reactivity of the (BOE) projects and engineering team when they advised of a change in design that would (beneficially) affect the originally quoted scope.

Client testimonial, Feb 2018

Distributed riser buoyancy

Balmoral provides high quality, consistent modules which result in low water absorption and compression throughout their service life. All modules are fully accredited by Bureau Veritas to API 17L standards.

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Bend restrictors

Accredited by Bureau Veritas to API 17L standards, Balmoral bend restrictors prevent over-bending at the interface between flexible flowlines/umbilicals/cables and rigid structures.

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Bend stiffeners

Balmoral bend stiffeners are fully accredited by Bureau Veritas to API 17L standards using specifically formulated polyurethane materials and are engineered to suit project operational parameters.

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Cable and flowline protection

Balmoral Duraguard™ was developed for the protection of subsea cables, flexible jumpers, flexible flowlines and riser touchdown zones although many other applications have been identified.

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J-tube seals

J-tube seals are used to provide sealing and corrosion protection between flexible risers and the so called J- or I-tubes found on offshore installations.

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VIV strakes

Polyurethane or composite strakes for suppression of vortex induced vibration (VIV).

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Marine antifouling

At Group HQ in Aberdeen, Balmoral operates a purpose built marine antifouling coating line. The facility enables the company to apply a range of coatings to its surface and subsurface products.

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Riser tower buoyancy

Hybrid riser tower buoyancy solutions for deep and ultra-deepwater fields.

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Auxiliary products

Clamps, saddles, centralisers, spacers and flange protectors for varying offshore applications.

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