Duraguard® cable and pipeline protection

Balmoral Duraguard cable and flowline protection

Balmoral Duraguard was developed for the protection of subsea cables, flexible jumpers, flexible flowlines and riser touchdown zones although many other applications have been identified.

Duraguard provides a cost effective localised impact and abrasion protection system and is supplied as pairs of interlocking half shells secured around the core product using circumferential straps.

It is manufactured in a range of polyurethane elastomer grades, depending on the specific operational conditions, and can be supplied in a wide range of diameters, thicknesses and lengths. Typical lengths are determined by the individual half shell weight and can vary from 500-2000mm in length.

Balmoral provides four differing systems:

Duraguard Standard
DuraguardPlus™ – As Duraguard standard but supplied as one-piece hinged modules with integrated banding system
Duraballast™ - High density ballast system

Duraguard applications


For projects which demand cable protection with added ballast, Duraballast provides much more than straightforward abrasion and impact resistance.

Heavy filler materials are added to the Duraguard mix to increase density and overall weight. The ballast provided gives extra on-bottom stability while the added mass improves dynamic response thus reducing the risk of clashing.

Densities ranging from 2300-8000kg/m3 can be achieved with the Duraballast system.


Standard PU is practically neutrally buoyant in seawater. However, hollow microspheres can be added to reduce density and provide uplift ranging typically from 650-800kg/m3.

Impact absorption

PU is a relatively resilient material which can absorb moderately heavy impact. Reinforced options are available for extreme environments.


Protects risers from abrasion/gouging at touchdown points, over rough seabeds, coral or rock.


Duraguard provides added stiffness to support cable over the seabed and/or assist in laying operations.

Thermal insulation

Lab tests have shown a significant increase in thermal insulation performance when Duraguard is fitted.

Duraguard installation

Duraguard can be fitted during unreeling/laying or prior to reeling and is installed by placing the two modules around the flowline and banding them into place.

Incanell or titanium bands are normally set 300mm apart. Adjacent segments with overlapping ends are added to provide a continuous protected length.

Balmoral Duraguard installation
Balmoral duramat seabed impact and abrasion protection


Moulded in marine grade polyurethane elastomer, Duramat provides dropped object impact and abrasion protection to seabed umbilicals, flowlines and pipelines.

During manufacture, the PU is filled with barites that provide ballast and prevent tidal movement while the grooved element design allows flexing and separation of the protected lines.

Duramat is ROV and diver installable and is generally supplied with through holes for rope handling. Typically provided in 3000x3000x40mm sections, the mats can be custom sized to meet project specifications.

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