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Marine biofouling is an issue which must be seriously considered when installing any structure or launching any vehicle into an aquatic environment. Accumulation of fouling organisms leads to increases in submerged weight but, far more importantly, such fouling significantly affects the hydrodynamic performance of subsea structures and equipment.

At Group HQ in Aberdeen, Balmoral operates what is believed to be the industry’s only purpose built marine antifouling coating line. The semi-automated facility enables the company to apply a range of coatings to its surface and subsurface products.

Types of marine antifouling coatings

Balmora CuNiClad

Balmoral CuNiClad®

The entire product surface is coated with discrete CuNi granules so that there are no gaps in the protection onto which fouling can accumulate. As each granule is supported on, and in, a polyurethane matrix, despite the nobility of copper metal there is no possibility of galvanic corrosion of underlying steelwork and, additionally, no electrical continuity across the coated surface which, if applied to a CP-protected substrate, could otherwise interfere with the anti-fouling properties of the copper alloy.

A detailed White Paper report on the Balmoral CuNiClad marine antifouling system is available here:

Balmora CopperClad

Balmoral CopperClad™

Balmoral Offshore Engineering worked with a market-leading marine antifouling paint supplier to develop Balmoral CopperClad™ which is a complete coating and application system designed to achieve outstanding bonding performance between polyethylene or polyurethane substrates and a slow biocide release antifouling coating system.

Balmoral CopperClad is based upon a silyl-acrylate binder that exhibits continuous slow solution and hydrolysis in seawater. This gradually releases biocide components into the surface/water interface to ensure continuous protection of the coated structure.

Full technical details of these systems can be obtained by contacting Balmoral Offshore Engineering.

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