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Commentary - 2 July 2024

Introducing 'COMTEC'


We are proud to introduce "Comtec" into our logo, highlighting our expertise in Composite Technology. Composites, which combine materials to create superior solutions, are at the heart of our innovations. Balmoral Comtec is recognised for its advanced composite materials, buoyancy systems, subsea protection, and thermal insulation products.

Balmoral Comtec logo

This change brings clarity and reinforces our identity within the Balmoral Group, a renowned privately owned business that provides growth capital and strategic support to its division companies, all known for quality and service since 1980.

The Group includes Balmoral Comtec, Balmoral Tanks, Blaze Manufacturing, Balmoral Business Park and The Marcliffe Hotel and Spa, and it supports various charities through its foundation.

By embracing "Comtec," we reaffirm our dedication to innovation and stakeholder engagement, ensuring continued success and growth in the offshore energy industry.

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