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Balmoral’s patented CPS destined for global deployment

Press release - 8 June 2020

Balmoral’s patented CPS destined for global deployment


Balmoral offers a range of cable protection systems (CPS) for inter array and export cables for fixed and floating offshore wind installations.

The company provides CPS solutions for varying apertures on monopile installations as well as J-tube and I-tube options for jacket structures including quayside pre-installation to minimise offshore vessel time and costs.

Sales manager, Ian Milne, has responsibility for taking the company’s renewables products to market and told us: “Our patented CPS solutions comprise standard dynamic units that are highly suited for working in dynamic situations typically created by scour development.

the system offers something different because it can be installed by all types of cable lay vessels and provides full dynamic protection with a smooth internal surface.

Ian Milne, Sales Manager

“This technology not only offers a wide installation window but also displays excellent free-span performance when such scour development occurs.”

The company is historically known for providing buoyancy, protection and insulation product solutions to the oil and gas sector, but Milne believes that perspective is too narrow.

He continued: “Our oil and gas services will continue and remain a key market for Balmoral. However, we are trying to break the mould by not being recognised as either a service company for oil and gas or renewables, more as a solutions provider for the energy sector in general.”

Balmoral benefits from its engineering and technical background and in-house capabilities. With more than 500 employees at its Aberdeen facility it boasts a full complement of design engineers, project managers, R&D, laboratory and testing resources and believes it has brought unique cable protection solutions to the offshore wind market.

The patented system includes bend stiffeners and restrictors, pull head, foundation interface device and standard dynamic unit, all of which is designed, manufactured and brought together in-house before being tested on the company’s test rig.

Balmoral Blaze

Milne says the system offers something different because it can be installed by all types of cable lay vessels and provides full dynamic protection with a smooth internal surface. The patented fibre reinforced technology mitigates propagation and delamination, the two most common failures in conventional submarine cable ancillaries.

With a design life of more than 30 years, the low weight components of the system permit efficient transportation, handling and assembly on deck. The system also allows for diverless removal and reinstallation of subsea cables without the need to remove the CPS.

With an established global network, Balmoral is ready to bring the benefits of its system to the worldwide industry. Milne concluded: “We have significantly increased our design, manufacturing and testing capabilities for the offshore wind sector and are genuinely excited to bring our unique solutions to the market.”

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