Value is extreme. World class capability in manufacturing, especially in engineering and design optimisation – this expertise is crucial to us. Definite technology leadership position. They are a step ahead.

An excellent track record and they go to a lot of effort to achieve high quality and high-tech product. It’s upper end of the market in terms of quality.

Balmoral are specialists in design optimisation with a wealth of historical data. If we have a project for an oilfield, they respond with advice on what we should use/do. We rely on their expertise and knowledge to help optimise our final product.

Normally very happy with them, they really like to help us. Every time I want a good experience, I go to Balmoral. They really care and really help us.

Usually what I look for is communication, technical capability, quality and on-time delivery; Balmoral meets all these requirements.

Customer service is very good; outstanding.

Any time we have a technical issue we contact their technical team – they are excellent.

The products they supply are critical so having an interface with Balmoral ultimately determines our success.

I was on a tour of the facility last year which formed a lasting positive image of the company. It cares for its working environment and the workforce. The hygiene of the factory speaks about the same quality and attention to detail that goes into the product. That is a powerful part of the positive message.

Their performance is flawless at the moment and should be considered as a criterion to maintain moving forwards.

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