Fixed offshore wind solutions


Buoyancy and protection solutions for fixed offshore wind turbines

Balmoral offers a range of cable protection systems (CPS) for inter array and export cables for fixed offshore wind installations.

We provide solutions for varying aperture entry holes on monopile installations as well as J-tube and I-tube options for jacket structures which include quayside pre-installation to minimise offshore vessel time and cost.

Our unique and patented CPS solutions predominantly comprise standard dynamic units (SDU’s) that are highly suited for working in dynamic situations typically created by scour development. This technology not only offers a wide installation window but also displays excellent free-span performance when such scour development occurs.

Balmoral HexDefence®
Innovative scour protection system


Balmoral FIBREFLEX cable protection system (CPS)

Balmoral FIBREFLEX® cable protection system


Our technical and engineering teams developed a unique fibre-reinforced cable protection solution that is designed to provide maximum performance for life of field installations: Balmoral FIBREFLEX.

The patented system mechanically locks to the end connectors removing a reliance on PU bonding, which is notoriously unpredictable, while providing market-leading strain and stiffness levels that are unachievable using traditional PU manufacturing methods. These innovations also contribute to greatly increased fatigue life.

Balmoral FIBREFLEX provides an increase in axial tension capacity by a factor of two while controlling axial elongation. The system increases bend stiffness by a factor of 1.5 allowing improved control and reduction in the cable’s maximum bend radius within a slimline profile.

Proven long-term creep performance is a substantial improvement on traditional CPS while bending and axial stiffness is optimised without having to qualify alternative PU materials.

We believe Balmoral FIBREFLEX represents a significant step forward for CPS offering cost-effective performance enhancement across installation, management and maintenance.

Balmoral FibreFlex cable protection system

Balmoral FibreFlex cable protection system

Benefits unique to Balmoral FIBREFLEX

  • Patented fibre-reinforced technology
  • Ultimate life of field performance
  • Mechanical locking design
  • Industry-leading fatigue life, strain and stiffness performance
  • Improved axial tension and elongation
  • Increased long-term creep performance
  • Optimised bending control
  • Slimline profile

Balmoral FibreFlex cable protection system

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