Established in 1980, Balmoral has an enviable reputation across the world for product design, development and delivery.

With 500+ people based at our purpose-built 250,000ft2 facility in Aberdeen, we build successful relationships with clients working with them from concept development and advice through to product design, manufacture, testing, delivery and support.

All managed in-house to give total safety, quality and scheduling control.

Distributed buoyancy



Operating what is thought to be the most advanced buoyancy manufacturing plant in the industry, Balmoral provides high quality, consistent modules which result in low water absorption and compression throughout deployment and service. Balmoral distributed buoyancy modules are fully accredited by Bureau Veritas to API 17L standards.

Dynamic applications normally involve an offshore floating production facility or terminal connected to another floating facility or fixed structure.

Flexible pipe and umbilicals require the use of buoyancy modules to reduce topside or tension loads and assist in achieving particular configurations which include steep, lazy, W-wave and pliant.

Balmoral distributed buoyancy modules generally consist of an internal clamping system and syntactic foam buoyancy elements. The buoyancy elements are supplied in two halves incorporating a moulded internal recess that is configured to transfer the forces from the buoyancy to the clamp and subsequently the flexible. This recess also accommodates bending of the riser during deployment and service. The internal clamping system is fixed to the pipe and the two half modules are fastened around the clamp.

Deepwater projects require modules and clamps to be designed specifically for operating at depths in excess of 3000msw where substantially larger modules and extreme clamping loads are demanded.

Balmoral has been at the forefront of significant R&D efforts to meet this challenge and has developed a number of solutions for deep and ultra-deepwater environments.

Distributed buoyancy clamping systems
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Standardised buoyancy modules

Balmoral has listened to feedback from customers and developed a range of modular based products which maximise uplift and maintain the same design ethos of its buoyancy systems. Working with standard clamping systems Balmoral provides a range of incremental buoyancy modules using standard foam systems from 0-3000msw.

These ready made solutions provide cost effective options and are always considered where time and budget constraints are of utmost importance.

Standard distributed buoyancy modules

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