A significant differentiator at Balmoral, as an independent company, is the ability to invest in continuous research and development programmes. The company is renowned for its pioneering spirit and, by introducing a dedicated resource known as the ‘Balmoral Discovery Unit’, continually broadens its horizons focusing on supported markets, product/materials solutions and routes-to-market.

Taking a proactive response to the ever-changing environment of the industries it serves, Balmoral identified the advantages to be achieved by nurturing an innovative development capability and culture that expands the focus beyond the immediate expectations of customers and their current requirements.

The Balmoral Discovery Unit is a collaboration of highly experienced individuals from the company’s product research and development design facility, polymer and composites material laboratories, process engineering department and subsea test centre.

The Unit was created to proactively and reactively deliver technical solutions to industry challenges. Client confidence can be assured as all development projects are delivered through state-of-the-art facilities and driven in accordance with recognised industry methodologies, including API RP 17Q, which control activities through Technology Readiness Levels.

Supported by contemporary 3D modelling, finite element analysis, CFD, lab and testing facilities, the Balmoral Discovery Unit is wholly committed to a policy of continuous innovation and delivering a personalised service at all levels at all times.


Concept development and advice

Concept development and advice







Delivery and support

Delivery and support

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Product research

In order to streamline and mitigate risk of traditionally lengthy and complex product development programs, Balmoral’s product R&D team successfully utilises stage gate qualification management processes. Combined with multi-disciplined professionals the team works to transform a challenge into a technically sound, promotable and sellable product solution.

The department consists of qualified mechanical/structural engineers, ranging from chartered to graduate level, and industrial designers as well as experts of finite element, fluid dynamics and global dynamic analysis.

The combination of these subject matter experts within the resources of the Discovery Unit allows for a cradle to grave product life innovation and development approach, providing clients with real-world solutions and product surety.


Due to the complexities of bespoke project testing, stringent customer specifications and compliance to global industry standards, Balmoral continually invests in state-of-the-art laboratory test equipment to ensure these requirements are satisfied.

This programme of investment ensures the company retains total control over time schedules, test conditions and methodologies used to fulfil client and internal development project requirements.

Balmoral’s technical team operates in custom designed and purpose built laboratories at company HQ in Aberdeen. The facility houses a state-of-the-art temperature and humidity controlled laboratory that is fully furnished with a wealth of chemical, thermal, hydrostatic and mechanical test equipment, including:

Product research
  • A range of universal testing machines (10 tonnes maximum load) capable of performing fatigue, tensile, compression, flexure and hydrostatic pressure testing using a complementary pressure vessel at temperatures of -70ºC-+350ºC
  • Dynamic fatigue test equipment for testing polyurethane materials fully submerged at elevated temperature
  • Differential scanning calorimeters for determining specific heat capacity, glass transition temperatures and oxidation induction time of polymer products
  • Gas pyknometers for determining the true density of materials such as powders and gels
  • Temperature controlled water ageing baths
  • Hydrothermal ageing cells for long term analysis of materials up to 260ºC
  • Laboratory scale pressure vessels capable of operating at sub-ambient temperature to 200ºC and up to 10,150psi, 700bar
  • Temperature and humidity environmental cabinets
  • UV weathering cabinet
  • Titrator for determination of water content
  • Automated titrators for quantitative analysis
  • Lab scale CNC machine for test piece preparation


Balmoral’s production engineering team is responsible for creating and developing the manufacturing processes at its Aberdeen factory.

The team’s approach to any process improvement or process installation is dependent upon the situation. Engineers are trained to utilise Lean Six Sigma principles and techniques for incremental changes or implementation of more radical, innovative changes utilising new technologies researched and identified.

The team works closely with production, R&D, engineering and technical personnel to ensure a connected and consistent company-wide approach to process improvement.

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