Balmoral HexDefence®

The innovative scour protection system that can help reduce costs and carbon footprint in offshore wind turbine operations.

Jacket foundations surrounded by Balmoral HexDefence
Scour phenomena

Offshore wind power is a fast-growing solution in the global demand for clean, renewable energy. Monopile and jacket structures, along with others including gravity-based structures and suction buckets, are typically used to support wind turbine towers. However, these structures are often subject to scour phenomena, leading to instability, cable damage or cable failure. To mitigate these consequences, scour protection is used.

Balmoral HexDefence is a unique scour protection system that integrates seabed protection and flow reduction, reducing offshore operational costs and potential cable failure.

Made from concrete, our globally patented system offers a non-invasive approach to protecting wind turbine structures and surrounding seabed, eliminating the need to dump rock, resulting in a lower carbon footprint.

Typical HexDefence jacket surround
Balmoral HexDefence is a significant step forward for scour protection, offering cost-effective performance enhancement for installation, management, and maintenance.


  • Eliminates the need for excessive rock operations, making it more efficient and cost-effective
  • Reduces accelerated and turbulent flow, improving the fatigue life of cables and enhancing safety
  • Non-invasive to the monopile or jacket structure, preserving its integrity and longevity
  • Basic concrete construction makes it easy to handle and install
  • Streamlined installation methods leverage existing vessels and handling equipment, minimizing additional costs and reducing environmental impact
  • Eliminates the need for additional vessels, further reducing costs and environmental impact
  • Quayside installation not only eliminates the need for additional installation vessels, but also guarantees the immediate activation of scour protection from the moment the foundation is installed
  • The system is retrofittable, making it an ideal solution for existing wind farm projects
  • Can significantly reduce the length of exposed cable, allowing for closer burial to the structure
  • Capable of use with antifouling, preventing the build-up of marine organisms on the cables
  • No special equipment is required for end-of-life recovery, making it a low-maintenance solution
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