Balmoral HexDefence

Balmoral HexDefence can be installed prior to shipping or on deck and does not require the use of additional vessels. The interlocking panels are generally 10m long and custom-sized to fit varying monopile diameters and feature integrated lifting and access points.

Installation procedure

Foundation placed

The foundation is typically a large cylindrical structure made of steel, known as a monopile. The monopile is driven into the seabed to provide a stable base for the wind turbine.

Foundation sleeved with HexDefence modules

Once the foundation is in place, it is then sleeved with HexDefence modules.

Transition piece fitted

The transition piece is a steel structure that connects the monopile to the tower of the wind turbine. It is designed to provide a smooth transition between the monopile and the tower, and to provide a stable platform for the tower to be erected on.

Pylon and blades assembled

The pylon is the central structure of the wind turbine tower which provides support for the blades. The blades are typically made of composite materials, such as fibreglass or carbon fibre, and they are attached to the pylon using a hub assembly.

The system is also suitable for retrofitting to existing monopile structures.

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