Balmoral in-line mooring buoy


In-line mooring buoyancy solution for floating wind turbines and structures

Balmoral offers multiple mooring buoy solutions - standard systems which can be provided for traditional mooring systems and bespoke in-line mooring buoy systems that provide several unique characteristics and advantages for the floating wind market.

The Balmoral in-line mooring buoy is designed to secure floating wind turbines and structures to a seabed anchor whilst providing uplift to the mooring line and also act as a connection point between the bottom and top sections of the line.

Balmoral in-line mooring solution
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How does it work?

The in-line mooring buoy secures floating turbines and structures in position whilst allowing the vertical projection of the mooring line to be controlled.

Traditional mooring systems use a pendulum fixture with a tri-plate and modular mooring buoy secured via a padeye at the base of the steelwork to provide an offset centre of buoyancy. An in-line mooring buoy reduces fatigue risk, minimises movement and wear to provide a more stable solution.

In-line mooring buoyancy


  • All mooring loads are transferred through the proprietary connection system
  • Increased stability as the mooring loads pass through the centre of gravity
  • No wearing parts in the buoyancy structure
  • Enhanced fatigue resistance
  • Need for specialist welding eliminated
  • Improved handling with lifting features incorporated into the connection interface which removes high bending loads during normal handling operations
  • Can be provided using a modular or bespoke buoyancy system
  • Access to the mooring line connections allows for inspections
Could this be the solution to your current technical challenge?
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