Balmoral touchdown protection


Touchdown protection for floating offshore wind cable arrays

A touchdown protection solution is required to preserve subsea cable arrays from abrasion and impact damage caused by seabed touchdown zones.

Balmoral DURAGUARD® touchdown protection has been specifically developed to protect subsea cables, risers and umbilicals from impact and abrasion damage. It can also be designed to provide impact resistance to reduce the risk of dropped object damage.

Balmoral touchdown protection / cable protection
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Balmoral touchdown protection solution showing locked elements

How does it work?

Balmoral DURAGUARD is manufactured in a range of polyurethane (mainly BC-PU-140) elastomer grades, depending on specific operational conditions, and can be supplied in a wide range of diameters, thicknesses and lengths. Typical lengths are determined by the individual half shell weight and can vary from 500-2000mm.

DURAGUARD can be fitted during unreeling/laying or prior to reeling. Two interlocking modules are positioned around the cable and secured in place by Inconel bands. Manual or pneumatic tools can be used to install the Inconel bands.


  • Cost-effective localised impact and abrasion protection
  • Reduces the risk of dropped object damage
  • Rapid installation time creating significant offshore savings
  • Installed using hydraulic installation tool (provided)
  • Materials and design API 17L compliant
Could this be the solution to your current technical challenge?
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