Balmoral bend stiffener connector


Advancing connections in offshore infrastructure

Balmoral’s innovative bend stiffener connector (BSC) is designed to enhance and simplify subsea connections within the offshore energy sector. Seamlessly integrating dynamic bend stiffeners with offshore structures, the Balmoral BSC introduces diverless installation and an elevated level of operational performance.

With the BSC, operational readiness is achieved swiftly, establishing an unparalleled benchmark for reliability and efficiency. By enabling a seamless fusion of dynamic bend stiffeners with offshore structures – without the need for diving – Balmoral’s commitment to pioneering engineering solutions for the offshore energy sector is again demonstrated.

Diverless installation defines the heart of this innovation, streamlining complexity while meticulously adhering to the standards of API 17L. This commitment to operational efficiency is further highlighted by the incorporation of a reusable pull head which not only enhances installation timelines but also adds practicality to the overall process.

The Balmoral BSC joins the company’s suite of innovative offshore solutions reinforcing its reputation as a driving force in the advancement of offshore energy technologies.

How does it work?

The system consists of a lead-in cone, BSC and dynamic bend stiffener. The BSC is drawn through the bellmouth which is located beneath an offshore structure. As the BSC latching system engages with the bellmouth the anchoring mechanism comes into action. This latch secures the mechanism during descent and maintains system stability as the anchors find their place on the tapered neck of the bellmouth.

Key features

  • Effortless integration The Balmoral BSC offers a straightforward approach to connecting cables, pipes and flowlines. Through a single pull-in operation the connection is made securely and swiftly
  • Designed in accordance with API 17L The BSC adheres to the stringent standards set by API 17L, ensuring industry-wide compatibility and performance
  • Proven mechanism Building on Balmoral's expertise in offshore hardware protection, the BSC employs a robust latching and anchoring system, ensuring a dependable and reproducible remote installation
  • Bellmouth anchoring The BSC plays a crucial role in the mooring system of a offshore structures. Anchored to the bellmouth, it acts as the gateway to the field-proven dynamic bend stiffener, safeguarding cables or flowlines from bending fatigue and ensuring uninterrupted energy flow
  • Reusable pull head Incorporating a reusable pull head further enhances installation efficiency, minimises downtime and improves practicality
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