Balmoral T-CLAMP


Tether clamp / hold-back clamp for floating offshore wind cables

The Balmoral T-CLAMP is designed to secure subsea lines to an anchor on the seabed. The clamp incorporates a swivel design which allows 360-degree rotation, thereby mitigating high axial and lateral loads on the cable.

Utilising Balmoral’s 40+ year track record of clamping solution experience, the Balmoral T-CLAMP allows installation and on-deck assembly times to be slashed, offering huge potential savings in offshore installation costs.

The clamp comprises interchangeable modular segments meaning the assembly can accommodate additional units to resist increased loading if required.

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What is covered?

  • System functions
  • Design analysis (Orcabend, FEA of stiffener and clamp and shackle)
  • Fatigue evaluation
  • Installation procedures
  • Features and benefits for the floating offshore wind market
Balmoral T-clamp assembly with weight
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