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Balmoral CopperClad™ Marine Antifouling System


Balmoral has worked with a market-leading marine antifouling paint supplier to develop Balmoral CopperClad; a complete coating and application system specifically designed to achieve outstanding bonding performance between polyethylene or polyurethane substrates and a market-leading ‘slow biocide release’ antifouling coating system.

The antifouling coating is one of the Jotun SeaQuantum range, and which is based upon a silyl-acrylate binder which exhibits continuous slow solution and slow hydrolysis in seawater. This dissolution and hydrolysis of the binder continually renews the surface concentration of the biocide system and gradually releases biocide components into the surface/water interface to ensure continuous protection of the coated structure.

The unique aspects of the Balmoral CopperClad system are a proprietary multistage procedure used to prepare and activate the polymer surface, and the selection of primer/binder system.

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