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Press release - 20 October 2023

Balmoral launches innovative HexDefence for jacket foundations to revolutionise scour protection for offshore wind turbines


Balmoral, a leading offshore energy supply chain company, proudly announces the launch of its groundbreaking HexDefence product designed for jacket foundations, a globally patented product designed to significantly mitigate jacket foundation scouring around fixed wind turbines. This revolutionary solution not only marks a leap forward in offshore wind technology but also promises substantial cost savings and environmental benefits.

Building upon the success of the HexDefence development work used for monopile structures, which integrated seabed protection and flow reduction to minimise operational costs and prevent cable failure, Balmoral's latest innovation specifically targets jacket turbine foundations. The HexDefence jacket system aims to eliminate or dramatically reduce the need for traditional and resource-intensive scour protection methods, such as rock dumping with additional benefits of being installed at quayside, eliminating the requirement for additional installation vessels and ensuring the scour protection is active from point of foundation installation.

Dr. Aneel Gill, Product R&D Manager at Balmoral, said: "The jacket version of HexDefence represents a significant step forward for scour protection, offering highly cost-effective performance enhancement across installation, management, and maintenance. This proprietary system eliminates the requirement to dump rock, providing a non-invasive approach to protecting the jacket foundation and the immediate surrounding area."

In March of this year, Balmoral successfully developed the original HexDefence system, receiving positive feedback from leading wind farm developers and industry bodies. The subsequent adaptation to a jacket version demonstrates Balmoral's commitment to addressing the specific needs of jacket turbine foundations.

One of the key advantages of the HexDefence system is its potential to revive abandoned projects and locations deemed unviable due to the sheer amount and size of rock required for scour protection

One of the key advantages of the HexDefence system is its potential to revive abandoned projects and locations deemed unviable due to the sheer amount and size of rock required for scour protection. The latest analysis indicates that this innovative solution could render expensive and carbon-intensive practices obsolete, making previously financially unfeasible projects viable again.

Managing Director of Balmoral, Bill Main said: “As part of our commitment to the local communities in which we work, HexDefence will be produced close to development sites. This strategic choice not only increases local content but also contributes to the overall sustainability of offshore wind projects by reducing environmental impact.”

This announcement follows a recent multi-million pound contract award for Balmoral’s FIBREFLEX® cable protection system (CPS), further bolstering the company's portfolio of offshore renewable solutions. Balmoral continues to be at the forefront of innovation, contributing to the sustainable growth of the offshore energy sector.

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