Product compliance

Commentary - 25 Sept 2019

Product compliance

By Fraser Milne, Engineering and Projects Director
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By Fraser Milne

Engineering and Projects Director

For as long as the offshore energy industry has been in existence, safety and compliance has been a steadfast criterion for any operation. But as new challenges present themselves, and innovation becomes a key driver for competitive advantage, we believe compliance should not lose its place in the hierarchy of decision-making.

We understand that innovation and compliance must work hand in hand to provide the optimal solution and that, irrespective of innovation or idea, corners should never be cut. Our company values surrounding integrity reinforce this belief which has helped build our globally recognised brand to date.

However, it is really our company values around customer focus, respect and accountability that are responsible for us being able to deliver this perfect balance for our clients. Working with clients and not for them, sharing our design methodologies, processes and historical data where possible, together with maintenance of active industry approvals and certification, as well as advising on API and ISO forums, helps drive our market-leading standards.

Innovative thinking is a fundamental part of the journey we start with all clients, attending to specific technical challenges and problems in an advisory capacity through to product design and testing at the Balmoral Discovery Unit.

But new ideas should be developed in line with, not in spite of, industry compliance and safety needs. The standards that have been developed diligently by the industry for years should be respected, revered and adhered to.

Already recognised in the industry as having a strong reputation for buoyancy, protection and insulation products, Balmoral provides the perfect balance of product innovation and industry-leading compliance.

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