Balmoral collects prestigious OAA Award for Technology Transformation

Commentary - 15 March 2024

HexDefence receives Transformational Technology Award at OAA 2024


Last night marked a significant milestone for Balmoral HexDefence and the entire Balmoral team as we proudly accepted the prestigious 'Transformational Technology Award' at the Offshore Achievement Awards. Dr. Aneel Gill, Head of Product Innovation and Research & Development, took a moment to reflect on the recognition and what it means for the future of HexDefence.

“This is a very proud moment for us at Balmoral, the concept for HexDefence was initially created to solve a problem within Oil and Gas. Through early engagement with renewable developers, it became clear to us the same product would also provide a solution to scour erosion and cable failure issues within the offshore fixed wind market. We created a system that tackles these issues and provides cost reductions and enhances operational sustainability.”

Receiving this award confirms that HexDefence is not just a solution but a ‘Transformational Technology’ within the industry. "This validates that we are on the right track, as we continue to push the boundaries of innovation in the offshore energy sector, we are excited for what the future holds for HexDefence."

In closing, Aneel extended his congratulations to all the other finalists and winners of the Offshore Achievement Awards. "It was great to see everyone’s hard work and dedication being celebrated.”

Balmoral HexDefence innovative scour protection solution
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