Balmoral collects prestigious EIC Award for Innovation

Commentary - 20 October 2023

The importance of innovation is on full display at industry awards event


Gary Yeoman

Sales Director

As the dust settles after another successful night at the EIC National Awards 2023, Sales Director, Gary Yeoman, reflects on the significance of recognition for innovation and its key role at Balmoral following the win in the 'Innovation' category.

“Our commitment to innovation was on full display as we proudly accepted the award for the Balmoral INTEGRAL MODULE PLUS™. This achievement is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire Balmoral team.”

“Balmoral's integral buoyancy system streamlines the installation process on flexible risers, umbilicals and inter-array cables making it more efficient and safer. The Integral module Plus™ stands as the pinnacle product within our portfolio, designed to accommodate even the most challenging lines with high expansions/contractions or the lowest allowable clamping pressures. With thousands of modules anticipated across the energy sector, this capability translates into substantial economic advantages.”

“We fully understand the importance of cost of ownership, and our innovative approach has consistently delivered results. By collaborating with our clients, we've successfully reduced project budgets and schedules, understanding the critical importance of cost optimisation and the need to achieve a return on project investment.”

“As we celebrate this achievement, we look forward to embracing new technology, new ideas and fresh thinking.”

Balmoral INTEGRAL MODULE PLUS™ optimised buoyancy system with built-in clamp.
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