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Commentary - 18 August 2020

Floating wind to drive almost 10-fold increase in offshore capacity

By Ian Milne, Sales Manager, Renewables
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By Ian Milne

Sales Manager, Renewables

A world of opportunities is opening up for the offshore wind market. With the latest intelligence predicting a global capacity increase from 2019’s 29GW to a massive 234GW by 2030, innovation and technology will play a major role in achieving this goal.

With the reduction in development costs for wind power already being exploited, floating wind is becoming an increasingly attractive prospect for developers around the world as they seek to harvest large scale, powerful and consistent wind power efficiently.

As most of the world’s population live on - or close to - a coastline, transmission costs are viewed as highly competitive.

The energy transition is also seeing the electrification of established brownfield production platforms and the industry is researching how deeper water can be utilised for renewable power generation.

With much of the technology required for floating wind being adapted from the traditional offshore energy sector, Balmoral is in an exceptionally strong position to contribute to these projects.

Where floating wind buoyancy and mooring systems are required, we offer 40 years’ experience in providing fully integrated surface and subsurface solutions.

These include distributed buoyancy modules and accessories, such as bend restrictors and stiffeners, in addition to our standard mooring offering.

Complemented by fixed wind patented fibre-technology cable protection systems (CPS) our solutions offer high performance, highly competitive options for the offshore wind sector.

Balmoral’s in-house expertise – including a dedicated research and development team, hydrodynamic engineering design and project management, supported by comprehensive test facilities – provides a truly unique offering to the industry.

Engagement and collaboration are where real savings can be made so we encourage contact at the early stages of development. We have enabled savings of up to 30% on previous projects by playing a proactive and innovative role in delivering end-to-end solutions.

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