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Commentary - 24 November 2020

Ultra-quick Legasea test turnaround for BSTC


The Balmoral Subsea Test Centre (BSTC) was recently called upon to turn around a series of complex equipment tests in a very short timeframe.

Aberdeenshire-based Legasea, an oil and gas environmental service company with a focus on the circular economy, had a package of materials to be prepared, tested and packed for shipment in 10 days from receipt of order.

The equipment to be trialled included 12 jumpers, three transformers and two electrical distribution units with the scope including pre- and post-hyperbaric electrical testing, insulation and continuity resistance as well as hyperbaric testing.

Ray Milne, operations director at Legasea, said: “Completion of the whole project was carried out in 10 days which meant ultra-quick turnaround times and 100% dedication from all team members including the team at the Balmoral Subsea Test Centre.

“Without their input and commitment we would not have been able to meet the extremely tight deadline for the equipment to reach its destination in the central North Sea.”

General manager at the Balmoral facility, Derek Weir, said: “Having completed many urgent projects in the past we were confident that we would be able to turn this around for Legasea.

“Our range of test equipment and support infrastructure is second to none and allows us to respond rapidly to client requirements.

“The testing was detailed and comprehensive and our team pulled out all the stops to make the deadline and I’m delighted that this was achieved.”

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Ultra-quick Legasea test turnaround for BSTC
Ultra-quick Legasea test turnaround for BSTC
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