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Commentary - 17 March 2021

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Clients often tell us that a key Balmoral differentiator is service, not only in working with them to provide the most cost-efficient project solutions but in the services we provide after the contract is complete and the products are in the field.

Customer focus and accountability are two key elements of our Core Values. Our service doesn’t stop when our products leave the yard – we stay with you throughout their service life.

Our customer care colleagues receive an average of 60 requests every month and these aren’t limited to problems encountered during installation, etc, they can be on any topic from training requests to technical clarifications.

We’re always available to answer any questions you may have on our products – not only to solve problems.

And, although we don’t say we offer a 365 24/7 after sales service, more often than not queries are answered within a matter of hours. Some recent feedback from clients show that this level of support is appreciated:

  • “Thank you very much for your feedback and explanations! It was very clear.”
  • “Your mail is well received with many thanks. Your support is highly appreciated, and your suggestions are really useful. We will proceed accordingly.”
  • “Thanks for your close and fast support.”
  • “Really appreciate your prompt response on this query.”
  • “Once more, we would say thanks a lot for your support.”
  • “That is a very quick response. Thank you for looking into this and providing those drawing details.”

So, as well as benefitting from the most comprehensive product and services portfolio in our sector, you have full support during installation, operations and maintenance.

This is something we believe is unique in our field as we continue to deliver surety of services to the market.

Our highly experienced team would be delighted to discuss your project.
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