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Commentary - 9 June 2021

SURETY: a brand promise


One of the key expressions we use when describing our product solutions is ‘surety’, you may have seen this on our marketing materials?

But what does our brand promise of surety mean to you, our client?

We live and breath our core values: Customer focus, Respect, Integrity, Accountability, Innovation, Motivation and believe through this commitment to the highest levels of service that you can have complete confidence in our capabilities.

Achieving this level of surety doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years of trust between client and supplier and our feedback tells us that our experience is of significant value when projects are being developed.

Surety is also central to our continuous research and development programme. Compromise isn’t a word in the Balmoral vocabulary, short cuts are never taken, assumptions never made.

Materials development and testing with full transparency of results deliver not only market-leading solutions but also total confidence in the product provided.

Clients seek innovative ways of challenging tradition, an openness supported by past project success and data-driven solutions. These are the advantages provided through our integrated approach, from concept to development, through production, testing and after sales care.

We may not offer the solution you had in mind but we believe our experience will ultimately provide the most cost effective through-life solution. Numerous challenges have been solved, time and money has been saved through early stage discussion and our recognised problem solving abilities.

Ultimately, surety can only be achieved by consistently delivering unrivalled service levels, confidence and trust in our product solutions.

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